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#streetart off #gertrudestreet in #melbourne. Please feel free to post artist credit if ya know it!

#streetart off #gertrudestreet in #melbourne. Please feel free to post artist credit if ya know it!

Times are tough, getting studio space shouldn’t be.

Times are tough, especially for us creative types, it seems everything just keeps getting more expensive! So we here at Rival are taking the lead and doing the right thing, making studio space more affordable. $50p/w. Most affordable studios in all of Melbourne land. Still too much? That’s ok, just whatever you do, dont give up you creative passions, it’s the best cure for anything.


Good Studio space

Gertrude Street Projection Festival

Wooo hoooo finally a Friday night where my friends want to do something other than go to an overpriced, crowed with douch, cheese stick club to stand around and think about talking to girls, but struggle to even talk to each other over the way to loud “music” where every track sounds similar enough to each other that they dont stand out individually but each one has enough of a dusting of cliche dressings so to so you can easily grasp the concept of “what its all about” without it actually having to produce a honest, coherent, interesting and relevant subject matter.


For 10 evenings in July and in over 30 sites, the length of Gertrude Street in Fitzroy will be illuminated by the visions of talented projections artists for the Gertrude Street Projection Festival. Buildings, laneways, footpaths and tree trunks will be lit up with site-specific, curated projections which respond to the theme Illuminate.

Special note;

Rival artist Chantelle Ferri will be projecting her works on the side or Hudsons Famous Catering, 59-61 Gertrude Street.




#melbourne on a #different #day

#melbourne on a #different #day

Just Another Exhibiton

Just Another Birthday

Thursday, 04 July 2013

Written by  from Just Another Agency        

Hey Folks (insert very loud, festive birthday music in the background) and Welcome to the Just Another Birthday Blog! Just Another Agency officially turns 3 today and the Just Another Project Space turns one! Loads has changed over the last three years. Management, staff, volunteers, interns, artists, and colour. Yep every year as Just Another evolves it sheds it’s old colour for a new, showcasing a new sable of artists, a new Just Another Book along with all the other trimmings. Including the Just Another T-shirt Range and events. So welcome to this years change.

Have a look around, check out the new Just Another colour and background images along with new Just Another Artist bios courtesy of word jumble extraordinaire Michael Bain and head to the agency About Page and read the humble words of word genius Marian Machismo.

We also have a whole heap planned with Guest Bloggers this year so stay tuned for news from some information packed blogs with a twist… Thank you for your ongoing support of Just Another and enjoy our new year!


Hey creative kids!We have a new space at the studio just open up, nice n big, private with all the trimmings. Drop a line at www.rivalrevolution.com for more info!#art #studio #artistrun #private #artist #prahran #chapelstreet #melbourne #creativestudios #design #lifedrawing

Hey creative kids!We have a new space at the studio just open up, nice n big, private with all the trimmings. Drop a line at www.rivalrevolution.com for more info!#art #studio #artistrun #private #artist #prahran #chapelstreet #melbourne #creativestudios #design #lifedrawing

#sweet #skulls by #talented @chantelleferriart, if you don't know her, def check her #profile. #art #artist #acrylic #skulls #photography #picture #blackandwhite #painting #ig

#sweet #skulls by #talented @chantelleferriart, if you don't know her, def check her #profile. #art #artist #acrylic #skulls #photography #picture #blackandwhite #painting #ig

The uber #talented @chantelleferriart #studio at #rivalrevolution in #prahran. #art #artist #acrylic #skulls #photography #picture #blackandwhite #painting

The uber #talented @chantelleferriart #studio at #rivalrevolution in #prahran. #art #artist #acrylic #skulls #photography #picture #blackandwhite #painting

ExRobot @ The Melbourne International Coffee Expo

At this years Melbourne coffee expo, Rival Revolution Artist ExRobot teamed up with The Espress Group to produce a custom one off Elipse Coffee Machine, and the result was spot on. Combing his love of coffee and art was a dream come true for ExRobot, although the artwork was inspired from his childhood;

The inspiration for this painting came from idolized childhood memories. As adults we can look back at these beautiful moments and they have the ability to remain frozen in time for us to always enjoy. Although they often lack the vibrancy and detail of the actual moment, they are still just as striking and powerful and should be reflected upon often.”[/



He draws a comparison between this and the brief moment of solitude we grant ourselves when we duck out for a coffee during a busy work day. The Machine received overwhelming attention during the expo, and was auctioned off to a packed audience on the final Saturday off the show.

A local Melbourne Café snapped up the machine so keep an eye out for it at a café around the neighborhood! Look out for more customized coffee gear from ExRobot soon, he has picked up contracts with a number of the companies adding his artistic touch to everything from takeaway cups to coffee bean bags. Big thanks to all the companies supporting the underground arts!








Dover Street Studios Launch – Oh goodie

Yes that’s right, you heard it here first folks (or maybe not) there’s a new art studio opening up, oh goodie!















(we love nothingness, read on)


This one is called Dover Street Studios in Cremorne (Richmond (kinda) for those who don’t wanna google it or clicking the link (though please do if your a history nerd like me, its really interesting!)

But I tell you what, Cremorne is a fricken cool suburb if you haven’t heard of it. There are sum sick pieces of street art around by the likes of Dabs and Mila and Adnate and I’m pretty sure it’s vintage Porsche capital of Melbourne (yes I like cars,  cars can be beautiful works of art especially the early Porsche)

And just like them old cars, this studio is looking dam fine, with white walls and pine features it really speaks to my visual senses. Just full of  nice symmetry and contrasts.

Ok, it is time to confess, this is Rival Revolutions sister (or older brother) studio, so we are really proud of it. But that doesn’t distract from what it is. Rival has its whole underground funky feel, but at some stage you need a place where you can take your mum or potential clients to and they don’t get worried that your just an alcoholic bum. Usually judging by the stack of empty wine bottles and ciggie butts in the corner (we say corner, we mean bed, and we say bed, we mean cardboard boxes).

Anywho whatever you think, follow the old Rival Rule, come along to their launch party this Friday night, get drunk and see if there is anyone cool to talk to, and then judge. Oh and did we mention there is total BYO at this event? Its like a house party but good music playing. Oh Goodie.






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