Hey there Yellow Sunshiners!

Its not far from now so we are going to throw a whole lot of artists your way!

Today we have another fine artist for your viewing pleasure, one of Rival Revolution Studio’s own Andrew Sieker!
This Acrylic, Fine Art, Mixed medium and Airbrush equipped man will be both showing his art at the pop up gallery and putting on a live paint show along with some other spray Kings and Queens!

Andrew Sieker is an emerging artist based in the southeast suburbs of Melbourne. Andrew predominantly works in airbrush and acrylic on canvas, and also has skills in sculpture, illustration, digital art and design. Heavily influenced by sci-fi culture, psychedelic art, pop surrealism, and concept art, his work has a strong emphasis on freeform and abstract pattern, with themes of an ambiguous relation between an imaginative kitsch cosmic inwards/outwards universe. With a strong emphasis on colour, pattern and loose brushwork, the images that emerge offer sense of dreamlike exploration in alien worlds, where a vague sense of the familiar offers multiple avenues for interpretation. Andrew Began studying Cert IV in graphic design at Swinburne in 2006, then moved on in 2007 to study in a Bachelor of Visual art and design an ACU. In 2011, He deferred his studies to work on developing a painting studio. So far in 2011 Andrew has been making private sales of his work, Displayed and painted live at events such as Killcouture at Royal Melbourne Hotel, and Yellow sunshine Launch party. Future aims and goals include returning in 2012 to complete his Bachelor, build a body of work to host a solo exhibition, and involve and immerse himself with community based, as well as funded and private art initiatives and projects. Long term goals include developing a broad yet identifiable style applicable across multiple media platforms, for use in both commercial and experimental applications. Check more on Andrew HERE And for all the up to date info keep track on the Yellow Sunshine Site!