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Yellow Sunshine Art Space – Festival Lead Up

Another one of Rival Revolution Studio’s own will be a part of the Yellow Sunshine Art Space, the Studio Mama:  Jianna Lucia will be painting live as well as displaying her Aerosol, acrylic and Mixed Medium wears for all to see and purchase – some special surprises coming from this gorgeous gal!

“I have an appreciation and love for the arts and life in general.
I am currently based in Melbourne, and have previously been
based in Byron Bay where I completed a bachelor degree in
visual arts, majoring in painting.
I am interested in art curation and the hybridization and juxtaposition
of arts genres, I enjoy combining a broad spectrum of different means of creative arts
practices together, such as illustration, painting, graphic design, toymaking, singing and writing.


I recently curated the 100 Fires art exhibition at the Rites Of Passage tattoo convention in January 2011 in Melbourne.
And have been part of the Hello Poster show, a group exhibition held at 1000 pound bend in December 2010.
I have Also Worked as a Graphic Designer for Australian Tattooz Magazine and as an apprentice Tattooist @ Cemetery Gates Tattoo and 696 Ink.
I am currently a part of Rival Revolution an Invurt studios in Melbourne City.


like the idea of the visual representation of urban and man made concepts and constructs that are in and around our everyday life in the city and industrial designed environment of the metropolis in the year 2011.

I like to take these objects and devices out of context to televised reality and recreate this imagery by juxtaposing and contrasting these innovative ideas to the natural environment, objects and human lifeforms according to the processes of life in plants, animals and the essences of humanity in tribal societies.
I like to constantly draw comparisons of these ideas of humanity within and outside the man made and natural environment using artistic means and practices through my work.”


What to see more…http://www.facebook.com/pages/Jianna-Lucia/238343186183603


Check out the Yellow Sunshine site for all the details


1000 £ Bend design Market!

Everyone get down to 1000 £ Bend to support Jianna and I. Should be a great event with lots of inspiration on hand! this SUNDAY only! (until the next last sunday of the month)

For more info visit: http://thousandpoundbend.com.au
1000 £ Bend
361 Lt Lonsdale Street
Melbourne VIC 3000

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Jianna Lucia


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a Lucia, so colourful, so bright, so awesome!




I love her custom toys, I love her tattoos, I love her sketches, I love her photos. She is the shiny thing that brightens up the studio and makes me smile. Jianna Lucia.

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