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Yellow Sunshine Art Space – Festival Lead Up!

For Yellow Sunshine Art Space up next we have the outstanding James Flaxman and his existential art creations.

James Flaxman was born in Sydney, Australia, in 1978, but has since moved to Melbourne and never looked back.

His work draws on a wide range of sources; while traditional Western painters of the fifteenth to nineteenth century hold his highest admiration, he has also been influenced by everything from ancient myths to contemporary game design.

The themes he explores are just as diverse. Some are deeply personal, some poke fun at popular culture, and others deal with such timeless issues as what it truly means to be human, how the world we build affects us in return, our struggle to invest life with meaning and our enduring legacy.

Check out the Yellow Sunshine site and the Rival Facebook for all the deets!

Yellow Sunshine Art Space – Festival Lead Up!

Jemproduce is here to get all digital on yo ass and better still will be bringing his unique technical talents to the Yellow Sunshine Art Space.

And here’s a scoop Jem will be mixing the Print with the Paint by stepping in to perform some live art for your enjoyment.

Can’t wait!

“A Corruptible Sense of Reality” is the way this Artist best describes his Creations.

Jem Bray, born and bred in South East Melbourne, has an unrepeatable style of digital art that portrays his ever-growing love for Street Culture and all that fine tunes it.

Creating under the Alias “Jemproduce” he is known for his unorthodox style of Manipulation and Layout.
Being a Self taught Artist with NO educational foundation, Jem is thankful there have been no Rules to abide by, therefore giving him an untainted sense of freedom in his creation and development of each piece.

His style has been described as Stylized and Provocative, his eclectic range of influences span from; Architecture, Basic Shapes and Colours, Geometry, Women and Street Culture.

This Artist is constantly pushing the boundaries of Visual perception, all the while feeding his “Corruptible Sense of Reality”.

See more at http://jemproduce.tumblr.com/

Check out the Yellow Sunshine site and the Rival Facebook for all the deets!

Yellow Sunshine Art Space – Festival Lead Up!

Well hello there, today we have another grand artist bio from the Yellow Sunshine Art Space batch

We would like you to meet Essig!

Roger Anthony Essig

“I’m a based in Melbourne and have been taking my artworks to festivals, rock concerts and psy-trance parties for the past decade in South Australia, Victoria and once in Los Angeles, California.
My art is very psychedelic and bright, high contrast, with a high degree of detail.
Lately I have found a way to get participation from anyone feeling that creative urge. They are free and welcome to come up and help me work on the artwork live at the event.
People will introduce their own unique style to their section they claim, and I treat that as a seed and continue their style into the surrounding sections. I love to work on artworks at events
and recently completed a 5 year project of a work that has over 4000 nails and a matrix of string connecting them. You are welcome to visit my website to view more of my works.”


Check out the
Yellow Sunshine site and the Rival Facebook for all the deets

Yellow Sunshine Art Space – Festival Lead Up!

Over the next week and a half we will be bringing you a bunch of info on Yellow Sunshine People Gathering and be introducing you to the artists who will be gracing us with their presence at our Yellow Sunshine Art Space. So stay tuned!And….First up we have the psymply psychadellic and most magical Misprint!

Misprint is a freelance designer from Melbourne with a love for organic illustration and ornamentation.

“I have travelled the world for some time, becoming more and more inspired by the amount of beautiful art different countries have to offer. My love for nature and the intricate features in organic forms is evident in the depth and detail of my work. Most of my artwork uses a combination of hand drawn motifs, painting, photography and digital large scale printing on canvas.
Please take the time to look at some of my work, and feel free to contact me for any freelance opportunities or questions you may have!”

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