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The Rival Revolution Road Show @ Piccolo Espresso

Last Thursday Piccolo Espresso (High Street, Prahran) was game enough to host the very first Rival Revolution Road Show. Whats the Road Show you ask? Well it’s pretty simple really. All the artists and Dj’s from the studio hanging out and doing their thing, playing music, drawing, painting and drinking. Except instead of being at the studio we were out there, at the bar, doing it all in front of a crowd of enthusiastic young punters. The night was an amazing success, a totally chilled vibe with some great tunes and great art. What more could you ask for really? Well, all I ask for is to do it all again very very soon please!! check out these photos from the night and I’ll see you at the next one!






Orrr yeah all the events all the time….

Oh my God is that Craig James?!

Craig James Dj's over Chapel Street

Craig James Dj's over Chapel Street

Why yes, yes it is! A mad talented DJ, the man behind www.onlineclubber.com, and all round good guy. Craig James is gunna be massive because no matter what, he gets you up on your feet dancing. He really is that good.

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