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Spent last weekend streaming Subsonic music festival up on the New South Wales coast with the OnlineClubber cats and was left with a great impression of the local EDM scene.
Big love for Kid Kodiak, Timmus and A Guy Called Gerald, I will be watching these guys a little more closely from now on.
On the international side, Max Cooper blew my fuc%ing mind and Anna Leevia laid down some really sweet deep house during her 8am – 10am set that has inspired me in a few ways. The crowd was diverse enough to keep me entertained during the times I just could not dance anymore. Mark this bad boy in your calendars or diary’s for next year….. 7th/8th/9th December 2012.

The GYFO show is still alive at Onlineclubber.com from 9-11pm (GMT + 10) Fridays.



Here is a new set for all you fans of Drumcode… a few favorite tracks taken from the 15YR anniversary album and smashed together….

Watch/Listen to it here or download for free



Keep tabs on us over summer for gigs and shit @








Yellow Sunshine Art Space – Festival Lead Up

Well its about time for some Max Well (holding back on the Smart pun)

Max Well is one of the brilliant artistic residence at Rival Revolution Studios and brings that meticulous minimal style to centre the crazy whirlwind of a world we live in…and Yellow Sunshine will shine brighter with his touch.

Max Well is an emerging artist that calls Melbourne home. In between painting the train lines and murals Max busy’s himself in the studio.
His hand screened printed work reduces his thoughts to the bare minimum and makes us think differently by playing with what we know as negative and positive space.
Through use of this juxtaposition Max is able to create beautifully simplistic images

Check out his tumblr http://tomslife.tumblr.com and Blogspot http://vandalayvincent.blogspot.com/

Also stay in check with the Yellow Sunshine site for all updates


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