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Dover Street Studios Launch – Oh goodie

Yes that’s right, you heard it here first folks (or maybe not) there’s a new art studio opening up, oh goodie!















(we love nothingness, read on)


This one is called Dover Street Studios in Cremorne (Richmond (kinda) for those who don’t wanna google it or clicking the link (though please do if your a history nerd like me, its really interesting!)

But I tell you what, Cremorne is a fricken cool suburb if you haven’t heard of it. There are sum sick pieces of street art around by the likes of Dabs and Mila and Adnate and I’m pretty sure it’s vintage Porsche capital of Melbourne (yes I like cars,  cars can be beautiful works of art especially the early Porsche)

And just like them old cars, this studio is looking dam fine, with white walls and pine features it really speaks to my visual senses. Just full of  nice symmetry and contrasts.

Ok, it is time to confess, this is Rival Revolutions sister (or older brother) studio, so we are really proud of it. But that doesn’t distract from what it is. Rival has its whole underground funky feel, but at some stage you need a place where you can take your mum or potential clients to and they don’t get worried that your just an alcoholic bum. Usually judging by the stack of empty wine bottles and ciggie butts in the corner (we say corner, we mean bed, and we say bed, we mean cardboard boxes).

Anywho whatever you think, follow the old Rival Rule, come along to their launch party this Friday night, get drunk and see if there is anyone cool to talk to, and then judge. Oh and did we mention there is total BYO at this event? Its like a house party but good music playing. Oh Goodie.






Herakut Exhibition Opening at Metro Gallery, Armadale.

Tonight is the night that I have been waiting for, since I heard about in two weeks ago, Herakuts’ exhibition opening at Metro Gallery, Armadale.
If you havent heard about them, def give them a google but basically Herakut is the collabartation between German artists Hera and Akut and they paint awesome.
Really awesome.
Their exhibition opens at 6:30 on the 13th of Febuary at Metro Gallery in Armadale, Melbourne and if you dont go, your silly.
Or busy.
So go another day, when theres less people there.
But I cant wait, I’m going tonight, and again another day too probably.

Studio Space now Available


A fantastic opportunity to join one of Melbournes leading art studios, Rival Revolution Studios in Prahran.

About the studio:

Private studios and cublicles starting from $75 p/w all inclusive

350sqm warehouse

9 open air cubicles

5 private offices

Full photographic white wall

Large communal work bench

Large open floor space

2.2m+ roof

Unlimited Wifi

High capacity power points

Sound proof studio

Free life drawing classes

Natural light


Located just one block from infamous Chapel street and boasting everything you could ever need to kick off your creativity. With ample sized private studios and private cublices, loads of open floor area and commual work benches, you can work however you work best. Spill paint on the floor, paint the walls a differnet colour, its your studio to make how you like.

We have life drawing class twice a week run by SASH Art, they usually cost $30 for each two hour class but for studio residents they are free! Also included are all your bills, unlimited super fast WiFi internet, 24/7 access, all the tea and coffee you can drink.

We create online portfolios for each resident and link it all up to your own individual blogs and websites to help you get the most exposure from your work.

If your ready to join a stack of highly motivated and talented artists to work alongside then this is the space you’ve been lookin for.

We’re really keen to see this spot go to someone special so give us a call today!



Here’s a couple of shots of our recent gig at Revolver with the amazing band, Slow Down Earth. It was an epic night, we got well and truly drunk, painted our butts off and listened to some amazing music….couldnt ask for much more than that really. Although having said that, I did get too drunk to take any serious pictures of the live art….here’s what I got, next time you’ll just have to come along and see it for yourself.

- ExRobot




If you're looking for studio space to take your art to the next level, chances are you can make it all happen right here. We have something for everyone with a range of spaces from $50p/w up to $200p/w, all-inclusive of all bills and unlimited WiFi internet. Add to that the free life drawing classes ($25 for non studio residents), full use of the photography facilities, the massive hook ups and connections at local art galleries like Art Boy and you got yourself a pretty sweet set up!

Current Studios available

We currently have three studio spaces available:



SHIDA is a private studio space nestled into the back corner away from all the hustle and bustle. It has plenty of space and privacy with 2.5m x 2.5 m walls, and the ability to be curtained off for the ultimate seclusion. Packed with all the other fantastic studio features, it's a guaranteed winner!


Where: Rival Revolution Studios

48 Clifton Street

Prahran 3181


When: NOW

Cost : $120pw all-inclusive


Private/ Open air Studio

2.5m x 2.5m

Ample space and privacy

U – shaped design allows for multiple set up customizations

Unlimited WiFi

Life drawing classes

All bills included

24/hr access


THE TAILOR is a massive space! For those that just have to have the room to spread their wings and have multiple work stations or those who just prefer working on a large-scale pieces. This studio combines both the SHIDA studio and its twin brother space opposite to make THE TAILOR one large, private take no prisoners studio space.


Where: Rival Revolution Studios

48 Clifton Street

Prahran 3181


How to make your ex want you back

“>When: NOW

Cost : $170pw all-inclusive


Private Studio

2.5m x 6m

Ample Space for two individual work areas

Plenty of wall space for painting or hanging artwork and sketches

Unlimited WiFi

Life drawing classes

All bills included

24/hr access


The ZOMBIE studio has easy access to the communal work areas and photography area with plenty of room for larger pieces and work benches. Ideally suited for photographers, those wishing to work on projects large or small or just to get tucked away and knuckle down in your sketch book!


Where: Rival Revolution Studios

48 Clifton Street

Prahran 3181


When: NOW

Cost: $100pw all-inclusive


Open Air Studio

2.5m x 2.5m

Ample space for large work bench and sketch table.

Plenty of wall space for painting or hanging artwork and sketches

Great access to communal work bench and open floor area

Unlimited WiFi

Life drawing classes

All bills included

24/hr access


Tony Knauf 0425 705 133

Email: givemerival@rivalrevolution.com

Webisode 1: Rival Revolution Studio Jam from Invurt on Vimeo.

For more information call

Tony: 0425 705  133

or email us @ givemerival@rivalrevolution.com

We'd love to hear from you and hook you up with a space!


Golly Gosh they have done it again, when will they learn?

 Oh these funny little people running around making a who-fa about nothing while were just standing here trying to make it through the day and not get our knees too wet, don't they realise we just need to get a little tipsy to make it all the more bearable? You see the lovely chaps at the local council , no doubt spurred on by the leadership qualities of the Australian government and the lure of the all might dollar, have decided that it is now (via litterally rewriting the laws) illegal for piccolo to have outdoor furniture between the hours of 4pm-7pm. Sounds strange right? We�

39;ll it is! But who are we to say what is right and wrong? We should blindly trust our wise and faithful leaders and just go ahead and enjoy our last night at Piccolo, hopful that the all mighty, all seeing, all knowing council have our best interest at heart. Which I am sure they do. We shall see you there from 6pm, with our bums firmly planted on the outdoor furniture, and any local council men and women are most welcome to join us for a little drink.

WHAT? Live art, Dj's and drinks

WHERE? Piccolo 149 High Street, Prahran

WHEN? Tonight from 6pm

WHY? To protest against the council by way of getting drunk.



New video from the kids at Rival Revolution Studios

Time lapse video of the Rival Revolution Studios crew hanging out and doing their thing as Tom Vincent gets up on the wall. See more from the kids at the studio right here on rivalrevolution.com.
Filmed and edited by Filip Konikowski
Beats by DJ Sizzle
Art by Tom Vincent
Filmed at Rival Revolution Studios, Prahran, Melbourne, Australia.

Last Thursday Night @ Piccolo, 149 High Street in Prahran……

Argh man if you were there, I dont need to tell you just how silly and amazing it was. If you couldnt make it down, well do it all again this Thursday night, and every Thursday night…… so I’ll see you there for sure…..










Spent last weekend streaming Subsonic music festival up on the New South Wales coast with the OnlineClubber cats and was left with a great impression of the local EDM scene.
Big love for Kid Kodiak, Timmus and A Guy Called Gerald, I will be watching these guys a little more closely from now on.
On the international side, Max Cooper blew my fuc%ing mind and Anna Leevia laid down some really sweet deep house during her 8am – 10am set that has inspired me in a few ways. The crowd was diverse enough to keep me entertained during the times I just could not dance anymore. Mark this bad boy in your calendars or diary’s for next year….. 7th/8th/9th December 2012.

The GYFO show is still alive at Onlineclubber.com from 9-11pm (GMT + 10) Fridays.



Here is a new set for all you fans of Drumcode… a few favorite tracks taken from the 15YR anniversary album and smashed together….

Watch/Listen to it here or download for free



Keep tabs on us over summer for gigs and shit @








Kers operatie – Edburg (Mix)

Kers operatie… – Edburg (Mix) by GYFO

Live set recorded @ Rival Revolution Studios Melbourne 29/05/10

Photo by Sarah Julianne





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